What is the significance of SEO? The expedition to online prominence.

Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO in layman terms, is the way in which a website can optimise the communication between its pages and search engines, in order to rank higher. This communication involves the highlighting of the importance and relevance of a website to the search engine. SEO is crucial to the digital success of a website; the significance of SEO cannot be understated.  In order to explain the importance and significance of SEO, this article will consider the following:

  • SEO and Organic Search.
  • Why are both SEO and organic search essential to the success of a website?
  • Organic Search and Digital Marketing.


SEO and Organic Search.

As mentioned above, SEO communicates the value, significance and relevance of a websites and its pages to Google and other search engines. With a practical and well-created SEO strategy, your website and consequently its content becomes more likely to rank higher in search engine result pages, also known as (SERPs) when something is ‘Googled’ or searched. As a result, effective SEO can result in a website appearing first when specific keywords are searched that accurately match the content of a website.

With a basic understanding of what SEO is and how it works, it is necessary to consider the relevancy of organic search. What is organic search? An easy way to understand organic search is to look at the synonyms of organic, those of which include natural. Organic search refers to search results that are not paid for; hence, the search results are natural results or organic results. They originate naturally from online searches without being organised and created by Google’s paid ad guidelines. It is important to note that Google’s paid ad guidelines include cost per click (CPC), ad relevance, and many other factors. Organic search results are organised by its search engine algorithm.

Google PPC Ads

Image: Paid Ads on a Google Search

Having a general understanding of SEO and organic search allows us to recognise that both organic search and SEO go hand in hand; they work together and in harmony to boost the relevancy and online popularity of a website. An important factor in succeeding in the digital world and having a profitable website is that of having an effective SEO bringing in substantial organic traffic to your website. If SEO is done well, it can reduce the reliance on paid online advertising.


Why are both SEO and organic search essential to the success of a website?

The significance of SEO and organic search cannot be overlooked. Search engines such as Google engage specific algorithms and Key performance indicators (KPIs) to direct online traffic to the most appropriate websites. It is possible to see from this that having solid SEO leads to a growth in organic traffic over time Some of the key benefits and advantages of SEO include:

  • It is low-cost
  • It delivers great ROI
  • It provides actionable data
  • It nurtures leads through the marketing funnel
  • It boosts credibility
  • It attracts relevant users


Organic Search and Digital Marketing.

It is easy to forget that a website often provides a service, and the content within it has a valuable role in assisting a business. An excellent way to think of a search engine is to see it as a marketplace for the service that the content within a website provides. Ranking highly in this ‘marketplace’ and appearing on the first page is a great way to market what you have on offer.

The downside to SEO is that it requires consistent work. Organic search marketing can take a fair bit of time and can also be slow to show results. SEO is a process that evolves over time within your website, which consequently means that it is something that you need to keep on top of in order to keep seeing results. With that being said, the effort is not futile, maintaining fresh content and an up to date SEO will keep the organic search results flowing and maintain the popularity of your website.

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