Brink Digital Three65 Media

We’re excited to announce that Brink Digital will be joining with Three65 Media over the coming months. It has been a long time coming, however, it seems to be the natural next step for both businesses. With Matt Tompkins from Brink Digital increasingly working with Three65 Media, the decision was made to integrate both businesses. This way, less time is spent on administration, and more time on doing what we do best: delivering top-tier websites and digital campaigns.

As a result of our merger, there have been a number of other exciting developments. We will now be based on the University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park. Specifically, we will operate from the Ingenuity Centre (Image below). Working from the Ingenuity Centre will mean we’re working in close proximity to the up and coming talent and research being developed at the University of Nottingham.

Ingenuity Centre

Existing Customers

While this may be an exciting prospect for us, we want to assure both Brink Digital and Three65 Media customers that their services will continue as usual. In fact, we expect to be able to deliver services much faster than previously and at an equally high standard. Therefore, we would like to iterate once again, that there will be no changes to our services for our existing customers.