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Project Overview

We're proud to have worked with L Leisure to create a new website and bookings system. We continue to work with L Leisure to add new functionality to their website, as well as ongoing SEO and digital marketing services.

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Date: May 2021
Category: Web Design
Client: L Leisure

Working with a Local Authority Trading Group

We have a long-standing relationship with Liberty Leisure. Having worked together for several years, we have helped L Leisure to deliver several new digital services to customers in the Nottingham area. We’ve incorporated course and class timetables with booking functionality, a news section, birthday party booking, events, newsletter functionality and more.

When designing this website, accessibility was a primary concern. Implemented in the design is an easy-to-access accessibility button, allowing users to increase or decrease the font size, as well as enter a high-contrast mode.

Not only have we worked together on producing an outstanding website, we’ve worked with L Leisure on SEO projects to ensure that their website ranks highly, so that local gym and facility users can find the website with ease.