Keyword Research

Find out how you can better reach your customers through search terms 🔍

How do your customers search online?

Thorough keyword research can be an extremely helpful tool when trying to grow your business online. It allows you to tailor your website content to what your customers are actually searching for online.

Keyword research will suggest new search terms, key words and other useful insights to help boost your website’s search engine performance even more.

Search Engine Optimisation

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a tool that can be used to better understand your target market, allowing you to create far more effective content and pages for your website and even social media. When you include the right keywords in your website content, you can expect to see more users discovering your website.

In a Keyword Research report, you could expect to see:

  • Specific target
  • Existing and New Keyword Ideas
  • Search volume for different keywords
  • Particularly weak/strong areas of your website
  • Content suggestions based on these keyword ideas
  • Recommendations for how to target these terms

When we conduct keyword research, we’ll chat with out client to find out they think their users are searching for, what areas they are looking to improve on, as well as analyse search console and analytics data.  This then allows us to discover what people are in fact actually searching for, and how to start ranking for new and different search terms.

Keyword Research Reports

We have provided keyword research services to several of our clients. We know that properly conducted keyword research can helps both us, and our clients to optimise their website and its content for search engines.

As we are a digital agency that offers full web design and development services, we have the capability of working with our clients implementing this research on their website and fixing any issues we discover.

Content Plans

Often, alongside a Keyword Research Report, we recommend a content plan.  In this, we’ll provide several content recommendations based on what we have found. These recommendations may include blog/news post ideas, new areas of your website, or optimisations of existing pages.  We can even implement this plan for you.

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Keyword research is very helpful for plenty of reasons:

-It provides you or your marketing team with clear, and actionable data for how to improve organic search visibility

-There is potential to conduct competitive analysis to see what your competitors are doing, and how you could do even better

-Keyword research helps to find new and different search term opportunities

-It helps us understand what your customers are searching for specifically.

It used to be as simple as plastering your website with all of the keywords you have discovered, however, things are a little different now. Keyword density isn’t so important.

Instead, you should seek to distribute your keywords throughout your content. Your content should include several of these terms, alongside valuable information. Search engines know when you’re simply adding keywords on your page randomly, and will penalise you for it.

There are plenty of different paid and free resources out there to help you conduct keyword research.

Some of these include Google Trends, Google’s ads platform, Search Console, WordTracker, TextOptimizer, Uber Suggest among many others. It’s important to use different tools to identify the best keyword opportunities.