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Reliable, Lightening Fast Hosting & Generous Support Packages

At Three65 Media, we offer our clients generous hosting & support plans to make sure that their website, application or other services are working how they should. We understand that your website or application is an integral part of your business, so we make sure that our servers are reliable, and when issues do arise, we can be there to help.

Our managed hosting packages are all you need to host your website or application, without requiring any web hosting knowledge whatsoever. Unlike basic ‘starter’ hosting packages, all packages are provided complete with setup, backups, server management and high performance SSD storage. Servers for all hosting options reside in a UK tier III data centre, and we use 100% SSD storage to ensure top speeds and best–in–class performance.


SSD Storage

We use high-performance SSD storage meaning your site will load much faster.

Server Backups

We take regular backups of our servers, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe

Fire Detection & Supression

Our selected datacentre has fire detection and suppression systems giving your data extra protection.


WordPress Management

We offer WordPress management plans: We'll monitor security alerts, update the WordPress system and keep your site in working order.

Honest Support Plans

We're honest with our support. If a support task only takes us 5 minutes, we'll only charge you for 5 minutes

Bespoke Support Plans

If your organisation has specific hosting & support requirements, we can work with you to create a plan that suits your needs.


The server in which your website lives on is so important. It affects a huge number of factors. Without a solid, fast and reliable hosting provider, your website wont be operating to its full potential. While opting for a cheap hosting provider may initially seem attractive, there are some things to consider when selecting where to host your website or application:

  • Monthly / Weekly Backups
  • The Server Location (If your audience is UK based, choose a UK server)
  • The Server Speed – Users don’t like waiting!
  • The Server Reliability, Uptime and Security
  • Bandwidth and Storage Requirements
  • SSL (Security Certificates – Green Padlock 🔒)
  • What software does the server run?
  • How fast can customer support act if there is an issue?

These among some other factors are fundamental in ensuring that users aren’t facing long page load times, SEO score is boosted and your website is always up and running.

At Three65 Media, we’ve worked to create solid and reliable hosting packages that take all of these factors into account. If you would like some advice, or to find out more about our hosting, get in touch with us.


We recommend to many of our clients that they take out a support plan. A support plan will give them peace of mind that if something goes wrong with their website or application, or if they are unsure how to use it, someone is on hand to help.

Why would I need a support plan?

A support plan means that should there ever be an issue with your website, we’ll be on top of it. Not only this, we’ll be available to talk to when you may need some help using your website. In the past, as part of our support plans, we have worked on:

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixing Errors & Crashes
  • Installing Updates & Fixing Subsequent Bugs Caused
  • Security Patches
  • Technical Advice & Help
  • Monthly Updates Checks & Security Checks
  • Additional Training
  • Backups and Storage
  • Email Setup
  • Site Health Checks
    • Site Speed
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Security Checks

Cheap hosting on the surface can seem worth it, however, there are several drawbacks.

Cheap hosting usually means you will be on a shared server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. This means that the server’s CPU, memory and space is shared. If one of these sites starts to use up these resources, it will affect everyone else. Cheap hosting can also negatively affect your SEO due to typically slower load times.

Perhaps the worst features of cheap shared hosting is the lack of features and lack of support. It can be difficult getting technical support from hosting providers, and even more difficult to get them to add relatively standard features that you may find on other hosting providers.

If you want to simply put up a small basic website, the this could be an option. But if you are serious about how your website performs, cheap hosting is not a good idea.

There are countless different options and plans for web hosting. If you’re self hosting your website, its important to find one that’s right for you. Take into account how much storage you may need, whether you have access to the databases, the type (shared, VPS etc.) and any bandwidth limitations there may be.

Alternately, if you don’t want to face all the technical jargon and make these decisions, we can host your website for you, taking care of everything.

In short, no. However, we recommend that you do. This is because when issues and errors arise, we will be able to react much faster and at a better price point. There are many different aspects of our support plans, and we’ll tailor them to your business and technical requirements. This way, you’ll only be paying for what you need.