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Colwick Park Lifeguards

Covid-19 has had wide-ranging impact on businesses and organisations across the globe. With organisations struggling, the team at Three65 Media have offered our services to local Nottingham charity Colwick Park Lifeguards pro bono. We’ve long been affiliated with Colwick Park Lifeguards, so it has been a pleasure to help them out with their new website and member management portal.

A number of different changes have been made to the website that we previously created. The whole design has changed, as well as integrations with mailchimp for newsletters,  blog functionality, and more information.

Project Highlights


The new website looks much more appropriate for the organisation with an easier to use design. The site features a new ‘Events’ section, allowing the organisation to advertise upcoming events to existing and prospective volunteers, as well as providing an easy sign-up form. Other features such as a kit list, detailed event descriptions and more have also been included.

Colwick Park Lifeguards Website

Membership Area

For an organisation with a large fleet of boats, road vehicles, other equipment and staff, it’s important to keep these resources organised. We have worked with Colwick Park Lifeguards to create a membership area on our Three65 Cloud platform, allowing for the signing off of various equipment requests. This helps the charity to closely manage all of their equipment.

Three65 Cloud