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Digital Marketing

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Technology is shaping the way we interact with each other, businesses and how we find information. With the web playing an ever increasing role in our lives, digital marketing provides organisations with a new opportunity to target specific new customers, increase brand awareness and drive further sales.

Digital marketing consists of many different digital marketing channels. From social media, search engine optimisation, paid digital advertising campaigns or even email marketing, there’s a lot to take in and choose from. At Three65 Media, we work closely with our clients and partner organisations to understand their organisation and select the best digital channels to achieve their goals.

Digital Marketing
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Whatever your wider marketing or business goals and objectives may be, focusing on your digital strategy can be a source of even more web traffic, customers and profit. A carefully constructed digital marketing strategy, paired with informed social media posting, SEO and content can accelerate your website and wider business’ success. If you want to seriously expand your business both online and in the physical world, paying closer attention to your digital marketing could be the answer. Achieve the business growth that you deserve through our  digital marketing services.

If you would like one of our team to discuss your business’ digital marketing, or need any assistance, we’re always happy to help.

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From Planning to Execution: Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

Planning & Strategy

If you intend on marketing through digital channels, it’s important to have a plan. We will work with you to understand your business so we can select the best channels and methods to accelerate your digital presence. We even have an on hand brand strategist to take your brand to the next level.

Social Media

Social media has shaped how we interact with each other and organisations. It’s important that your organisation is represented properly on social media. Using our expertise, we’ll work with you to create social media content plans, audit your social media accounts, select the right platforms and even help with social media advertising.

Content Marketing

It’s important that your organisation produces content to be seen. Writing blog posts, social media posts, creating videos and images can be extremely time consuming and lengthy. We have a team of dedicated editors, copywriters and content producers that can help you out.

Website Design & Development

Three65 Media is an expert web design & development agency: it’s what we do best. If your business needs a new website, or application development, then we’re the choice for you.


Having a website isn’t always enough. With Google and Bing being the ‘Yellow Pages’ phone books of the modern day, it’s important to make sure your website ranks as highly as possible. From keyword research, onsite SEO and link building, we can help you to rank higher on search engines, and enjoy higher levels of traffic.

Campaign Management

Launching a new product or service? Looking to make an impact? Work with our team to run your digital marketing campaign. From display advertisements, email marketing and social media,  our campaign managers will work with you to plan and execute a digital marketing campaign to not only meet, but exceed your objectives.

Analytics & Reporting

It’s important to know how your website, social media and digital channels are performing. We provide our clients with analytics and reporting services, providing further insights into the performance of their websites, social media and wider digital marketing channels.

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