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Content That Drives Conversions

Writing up content for your website or social media can be not only time consuming, but also quite difficult. Writing content that both benefits your SEO as well as engaging your audience takes time to learn. Not only is there the text to work out, but also any images or videos you may need to edit too. At Three65 Media, our dedicated team helps our clients every day to create compelling content that drives engagements and conversions.

WordPress content

Content Plans

Paired best with keyword research, a solid content plan provides you with a solid plan for creating engaging content that will drive more traffic and encourage more conversions. It can be difficult to decide what type of content to create, what it should be about and when/how to release it.

That’s why we’re here to do all this hard work for you. We create solid content plans based upon competitive analysis, keyword research and analysis of any data you or we may hold. This then allows us to make informed decisions about the best forms of content, both multimedia and text-based, to help our clients to achieve their online goals. If required, we have a team of content editors, copywriters and graphic designers ready to step in and help if required

Blogs / News Articles

Blogs or news articles can be a brilliant way to get more visitors arriving on your website. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your existing and prospective customers. It provides an opportunity to get some keywords and search terms onto your website too.

However, articles can be time consuming to write, especially when taking SEO and other factors into account. Our copywriters, with a strong grasp of the English language, can help to write engaging content for your website so that you don’t have to.

Social Media

Social media is a great opportunity to connect with your target audience in a more personal way. Social media allows for two-way communication, and immediate feedback so it’s even more important to get it right. Similarly to blog / news articles, social media posting and content creation can be confusing and time consuming.

Our copywriters, graphic designers and marketing team can help to create social media posts to further your business goals and objectives. It’s important to get the content right: social media is all about visual and quick-consumption media. That’s why we’re here to help.

Graphic Design

From banners for your social media, social media posts, infographics or any other image based visual content, our graphic designers will deliver. Having eye-catching and attractive graphics, that fit in with your brand image can make all the difference when trying to catch the attention of your users.


There’s plenty we can do for you. From setting up your email campaign account, designing your email campaigns or email content, our team can help. Not only can we help you to schedule and create effective emails, but also our talented website design team can also help to create an email design to fit.

The type of content you should be creating really depends on your goals. There are plenty of different types of content to produce: blog posts, news articles, videos, infographics or social media posts.

Here are some ideas for what content you could create:

-Answer a frequently asked question

-Post something seasonal

-Create a video, featuring people involved in your business

-Cross-promote your social channels

-Share an attention grabbing statistic

-Tell a story relating to your business

Yes: We are more than happy to create a detailed and well thought out content plan for our customers. If required, our team of designers and copywriters will deliver your content plan, so you can focus on running your business.

Social media marketing and content marking are relatively similar, and work together in perfect harmony. Social media marketing focuses solely on creating content, advertising on and engaging with users on social media platforms. Content marketing is more concerned with creating graphical, written and video content for the web.

With this in mind, we recommend an integrated strategy. Your content, social media, emails, website and other digital channels should all be different, but also support each other. For example, if you write a great piece of content for your blog or news section, show it off on your Facebook page and mention this in your news newsletter!

There are several different tools that can be installed to your website, or data that can be exported from social media to measure the results.

To do so, some key statistics or indicators should be selected. You should then note down what these figures were before you started marketing, and what they are afterwards. Not only can these tools be used to measure results, but also inform future marketing decisions.

There is no simple answer to this question. As with most digital marketing strategies, it can take time to see results. If your website is already serving thousands of users daily, new content is going to be picked up faster.

However, for most small and medium sized businesses, it can take a couple of months. Search engines need to discover, analyse and rank your content. There are so many other factors that affect how successful your efforts are and how long it takes to see results, including whether people are searching for those topics in the first place.

There have been several instances where a piece of content from several years ago suddenly gains traction. For optimal results, a content plan should be created to ensure your effort isn’t going to waste.