Analytics & Reporting

Measure the success of your website, social media and digital platforms so you can do better 🎯

Digital Marketing

We provide useful insights into how your users interact with your organisation online.

Having a great website, regular social media posts or well thought out digital campaigns will accelerate your brands success online. However, it’s important to take time to reflect and understand how your users are interacting with your brand. We provide helpful and useful insights to our clients to help them understand what is and isn’t working, so they can do better.

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SEO Reports

Find out how your website is ranking on search engines with our comprehensive reporting, advice and suggestions.

Social Media Reports

Through auditing and looking into the fine details of your social media platforms, we can assist you in learning how users interact with your brand so you can do better.

Website Traffic

We'll break down how users find your website, how they interact with it, and how you can better optimise your website to increase sales and conversions.

Useful Insights

Learn more detail about how users interact with your organisation across multiple platforms. We'll provide helpful insights and advice.

Advanced Tools

We use Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Search Console and other advanced tools for the best insights into your digital performance.

Reports & Consultation

We'll help break down the contents of our reports with useful meetings and consultation sessions in addition to helpful documentation.

There are several different tools we can install on your website to find out in granular detail how your users interact with your brand online. We use Google Analytics, Search Console, HotJar (Heatmaps and User Behaviour), Bing Webmaster Tools and more.

Using these tools, we can create comprehensive and detailed reports that provide invaluable insights into how users interact with your website. Not just this, these tools help us to develop and measure new strategies to enhance performance even more.

Our SEO reports are helpful for clients looking to boost their website performance on  Search Engines. Our reports will investigate current and past SEO performance, identifying factors that may damage or enhance their SEO.

We will conduct on site and off site investigations, and make several suggestions on how to better perform on search engines. These reports are extremely valuable for those looking to grow their website. Without regular reporting, it can be difficult to track progress and find out what is and isn’t working.

No two organisations are the same, each with their own specific goals and objectives. That’s why we can help you to identify the best Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your success in line with your objectives.

We can help you to set up KPIs, and subsequent software such as tag manager to measure these at a granular level. Additionally, we can regularly review these KPIs, making suggestions or changes to the plan as more information becomes available.

Some of our clients don’t necessarily want full detailed reports. While web traffic reports often form part of a SEO report or others,  these reports give a basic understanding of who is on your website, how many users are using it and how they found you.

Web Traffic Reports are helpful to identify the best channels for sourcing traffic (e.g. Search Engines, Social Media etc.). This can help you to make informed decisions on how to advertise in the future.

With social media becoming increasingly important for a brands digital success, it can be extremely valuable to have an external point of view.

Our Social Media Reports will consider several different factors. We’ll discuss with you how to you think you social media accounts are going, as well as investigate your engagement rates, KPIs and how discoverable you are. We will also provide an account audit, to make sure banners, profile images and the content itself is up to scratch.